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  April 10, 2024   •
Optimems successful experimental validation on CERTH/ITI Smarthome

After months of testing at a software simulation level, Optimems framework was eventually validated on a real-life demonstration site. CERTH/ITI Smarthome is the first interconnected microgrid in Greece, located in CERTH premises. It is a real-life residential establishment with commercial (e.g., inverters) and custom equipment (e.g., smart meters, etc.) where various smart grid related technologies are evaluated for R&D purposes. Optimems was deployed on the aformentioned infrastructure and the results were gathered for a period of nine days, providing proof-of-concept for the microgrid optimal operation. The optimal scheduling of the microgrid assets ensures significant economical benefits, since unnecessary energy imports from the grid are avoided.

The detailed operation of the microgrid across multiple scenarios is analyzed on the following peer-reviewed journal publication: