Optimal Energy Management Systems

Asset Optimal Dispatch Engine for microgrids & VPPs

Day-ahead dynamic-programming-based optimization and real-time-enabled compensation of divergences due to disturbances deriving from weather and user behavior.

User-defined objectives, including economic operation, maximization of self-consumption, expansion of the equipment’s life expectancy, power supply reliability, optimized islanding.

Cross-energy sector integration for the optimized collaboration of electrical and thermal networks.

AI-Assisted forecasting

Day-ahead and hour-ahead load, PV, WT, and electricity price forecasting.

Novel hybrid forecasting engines by employing state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms and analytical modelling of RES units.

Weather forecast and asset historical measurements used daily to configure/ retrain the machine learning models.

Real-time monitoring & control based on open protocols

Robust measurement harvesting from the end devices through standard protocols.

Resilient controller for the application of the optimal asset scheduling

User-defined and/or asset-imposed operational and safety constraints

Integration of commercial assets through open protocol communications (e.g. Modbus, Zigbee, Z-Wave, LoRa, WiFi)

Supporting grid-connected and islanded operation

Seamless transitioning between grid-connected and islanded operation for microgrids

Uninterrupted power supply to critical loads during power grid outages

Generation and storage units synchronisation during black start

Point of common coupling supervision and emergency islanding when necessary

V1G/ V2G Incorporation of electric vehicles

Optimal management of the EV charger portfolio through their incorporation in VPPs.

Real-time monitoring of multiple EV chargers through Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Robust control of EV charging process with either V1G or V2G operation mode.

Participation in Demand-Response programs

Multiple Demand-Response (DR) schemas handling through standardized open protocols, including OpenADR.

Time-of-Use/ Real-time Pricing integration for both consumers and prosumers.

Implicit and explicit DR incorporation.

Demand-side management (DSM) scheme application through the participation of an EV charger-based VPP in Load Dispatch/ Power Steering Request Signals.

Advanced visual analytics

Visual analytics employment for the real-time visualization of the microgrid performance, including dynamic and configurable plots, custom dashboards etc.

Microgrid Performance Assessment Framework based on novel Key Performance Indicators and a data-driven holistic classification system.