Smart Grid 2.0 Consulting Services

Are you trying to figure out how to incorporate Green Technologies into your installation?

Here at Optimems, we provide a complete suite of consulting services in order to tailor state of the art technologies to the needs of your facilities, from a single house up to a whole city!

Optimised Building and Facilities Electrical Energy Consumption Simulations

Do you need to know how much energy your buildings will consume, before even laying a single brick?

Do you want to assess the CO2 footprint of a future installation and then, make it green through optimised green investments?

> Take advantage of our detailed simulations for electrical consumption for any kind of building and installation: residencies, offices, malls, hotels, sports areas, parks, restaurants and many more!

> Accurate breakdown of your power consumption into equipment, lights and HVAC systems, providing timeseries with configurable granularity

> Trend and feature correlation with external factors, e.g. weather

Optimal Sizing of Distributed Energy Resources

Are you concerned about the optimal sizing of your DER units?

Do you want to find the optimal combination of DER units and energy storage systems that best suits your business scenario’s needs?

> Empower your DER portfolio with our optimal solutions, driven by multi-objective optimisation techniques and machine learning

> Optimal sizing and siting of heterogeneous DER portfolios, while stochasticity of external factors like weather and client usage is considered

> Custom objectives to serve your own business scenario, such as:

- maximise resilience
- maximise users’ satisfaction
- maximise profits while minimising return of investment index

Tailored Solutions for Custom Applications

Do you want to pursue your transition to the Smart Grid era, but your specialized requirements demand for a custom solution which is not included in our portfolio of services?

> No problem! We would be glad to formulate a custom solution, tailored to your needs. Our experienced team has conducted various feasibility studies for a wide variety of energy-related business cases. Assess the potential financial and environmental benefits of your project in order to take the optimal decisions!